Static weapons in DZ?

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Static weapons in DZ?


8/29/2013 at 06:34pm
Would be nice for the bridge in Invasion Emoticon


Re: Static weapons in DZ?


Last Edited: 8/30/2013 at 04:53am
haha! we can sort of already setup something like that on the red side of invasion...

...have a campy PC mouse/kb player on red side just camp the wall with agony+bigboy+violator... with health2 perk and health+ammo kits... the pin-point accurate rain of bullets and green c**p will never stops for the blues then...

...unless some clever invisi+jammer blue player sneaks by and lobs a grenade up there... haha!

Re: Static weapons in DZ?


Last Edited: 8/30/2013 at 11:34am
Perfect place for something like that... Bridge in invasion. If you can make it to the turret, you're immune from sniper fire so you can put pressure on those dip shits camped on the ledge at D. You could still be taken out with a nade, but the idea would be to make it difficult for sniper campers.

I do like the idea of some defensive positions, too, like have them in the home zones in port to fend off an otherwise inevitable steamroll. Top of each set of stairs in tranyard would be cool too.

First though, MF has a lot of other shit to iron out.