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7/11/2014 at 01:41pm
Hi I would like to join because GZR GZR, I find it a nice and friendly clan.
I don't like van campen I fall always on, Me favorite weapons are: OSOG, Agony and Redeemer.
I hope I have given you enough information!

Greetsss, Dog. Sheen (pityuka102)

Re: Joinen?!


Last Edited: 7/11/2014 at 04:39pm
Hello djustin2000,

Currently GZR is not accepting applications. We're pretty full at the moment. We are now strictly an invite only clan. So I suggest making friends with us in game, join the Google+ SGDZ community and playing with us for a while (closer to weeks and months). If after a while you prove yourself to be:
- Mature
- Respectful to others
- Over the age of 30 (remember GZR stands for geezer as in old geezers). 90% of us are all over 30 years of age.
- Not a hacker or cheater
- No a spammer or a camper

We may send you an invite. We do highly suggest you go tot he MadFinger Forums and find yourself a different clan.

Good luck and there is quite a possibility that even if you meet all criteria, we may never invite you to join. FYI, we don't have rules around which guns you can or cannot use, what your KDR should be, etc...We're more about the relationships we build in our community.